Different Types of Rugs for Your Home

It’s essential to pick a rug that matches the overall aesthetics of your home. After all, choosing the ideal rug might just be the piece that will do the finishing touches in your home. Now, when picking suitable rugs melbourne for your living spaces, here are the following factors you should consider when purchasing one.


Firstly, various rugs are made using different construction methods. For instance, handmade rugs such as hand-knotted ones are a fantastic choice if you’re looking for pieces with unique designs. Unlike machine-manufactured ones, hand-knotted rugs contain valuable designs. This is because no two hand-knotted pieces can ever look alike. Still, because of the effort exerted in creating these rugs, these rugs can get costly.

With that being said, you can opt for chic but economic handmade rugs instead, such as hand-tufted rugs. These rugs are created using a tufting tool and can still offer your rooms amazing styles for great prices. If picking a unique design is not so much of an issue, you can always go for machine-created rugs for reasonably priced and elegant modern rugs.


There are various shapes and designs found in rugs. Although rectangles and circles prove to be the most common shapes, you can always opt for custom-shaped rugs for your living spaces. Still, you can base your rug shape depending on the room where you’d like to add the rug.

In terms of designs, geometric styles are your best bet if you want to pick a modern-looking rug. On the other hand, you can choose florals for a soft, eastern feel. Now, if you truly want a unique rug design, you can get yourself a hide rug.

After all, these rugs are not manufactured by machines or people. Instead, these rugs come from animals’ skins, such as cows and zebras. These rugs undergo the necessary processes to ensure that only their leather skin and coat remain.


It’s also important to consider the present texture of the rug you want to display in your home. After all, the rug’s texture can also affect the overall feel of your home. In addition, this factor will also contribute to its durability and needed maintenance.

For example, if you want to choose comfortable and elegant rugs for your home, you can get yourself a good cut pile textured rug. Now, if you wish to use rugs suited for rooms with increased traffic, you can go for loop pile textured rugs, which are also easy to maintain.

Meanwhile, Frieze rugs offer an interesting texture, are well-known for their durability, and can also offer your home varied textures. Lastly, if you want a modern-looking rug that’s kid-proof and pet-proof, then cut and loop textured rugs are excellent options.

Overall, finding the best rug that matches the look of your home will not be as hard. After all, there are plenty of rugs that you can buy for your home based on the different types of rugs you can choose from. Moreover, by carefully considering the factors above, you can pick the best rug that will provide your home with décor that’s both functional and pleasing to the eyes.