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Q. I'm a beginner. Will Beyond Purl be too advanced for me?
A. Beyond Purl is not intended to teach you to knit and purl. However, it IS intended to last you a long time, and teach you many things, from the beginning to the more advanced. As a beginner, you'd probably find the slip knots, cast-ons, and decreases sections most helpful. From there, the intention is that you use the video, a little at a time, to advance in your knitting abilities.
Q. Why do I want to cable without a cable needle? I like my cable needles!
A. I hate to answer with a question, but have you ever been out somewhere with a cable project, pulled the project out of the bag, then suddenly realized that you've either forgotten or lost your cable needle? All of a sudden you can't work on the project anymore. This remedies that situation, and others. I've found that it saves time, energy, and frustration.
Q. I already know the decreases. What could I learn from that section?
A. You'll learn how to use them to achieve different effects. Patterns often tell us to perform a decrease, but they don't always tell us which one we need to do to get the look we want. Our purpose with this chapter was not to teach you to decrease, but to teach you to use your decreases to your own benefit. In order to do that, we needed to make sure you first knew how to do them properly.
Q. What's an SSK shortcut?
A. A method of reducing the number of steps involved in performing an SSK correctly.
Q. I'm a Continental knitter. Will I still understand how to do your techniques?
A. Absolutely! All techniques, when possible, are shown both English AND Continental. Admittedly, I may not be the best Continental knitter you've ever seen, but I definitely get the job done. LoriKnits had the video reviewed by Continental knitters, who all agreed we did a great job and you will be able to learn.
Q. Does Lori teach in other places, too?
A. Absolutely! If you're interested in scheduling an event in your town or your store, please contact us using the submission form on the Contact Us page.
Q. What software do I need to view the Cheat Sheets, Instructions, and other documents on the Beyond Purl CD?
A. You need to have Adobe® Reader® installed on your computer. Click here to download and install the Adobe® Reader®.
Q. I'm getting a window that looks like the following when I click on a Cheat Sheet, Instruction Sheet, or other document on the Beyond Purl CD. What should I do?
A. The window above is normally displayed by Microsoft Windows when you are downloading a file that Windows isn't sure what to do with. First make sure you have Adobe® Reader® installed on your computer. If you are unsure whether or not you have Adobe Reader installed, click on the "Open" button. If you do have Adobe® Reader® installed, it will automatically open the PDF document. For more information on configuring Adobe® Reader® to automatically open PDF files click here.
Q. What do I do if I'm unable to play the DVD in my player?
A. Although extremely rare, scratches and DVD damage can unfortunately occur during the replication process. If you've received a damaged DVD, please contact us right away. We'll send you a label to ship the bad DVD back and replace it with another.
Q. I'm having problems playing the DVD in my computer. What do I do now?
A. Beyond Purl, like any other commercial DVD, will play in most computer DVD drives. The problems generally lie within the program or software that plays the movie. First make sure your computer has a DVD drive. Many newer computers do come with either a CD or DVD drive or both. If your computer only has a CD drive, the DVD will not play in this drive. The front of the drive should have the DVD logo on it. Next make sure you are using a program or software that is dedicated to playing DVDs. If after inserting the DVD nothing happens, please try opening your DVD player software and click play. Below we have listed some popular DVD player software. If all else fails, don't hesitate to contact us and we will try to help you solve your issue.
Q. I love your site! Can I link to it from my site?
A. Most definitely! You can copy paste the code in the box below into the HTML code of your site. It will look like this:

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