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LoriKnits is very proud and excited to announce the impending release of their second instructional video, OOPS!: Correctng Your Knitting Mistakes, scheduled for release on August 1, 2006.


This video contains more than three hours of instruction on how to fix your most common errors. From the basics of stitch anatomy to cutting a finished piece to shorten it or change the bottom, OOPS! is sure to be a resource you'll use again and again.

Topics included are:
  • Proper stitch orientation
  • How to pick up dropped stitches in Stockinette, in Garter, on the ends, and through a long-tail cast-on
  • Correcting half-knitted and half-purled stitches
  • Changing a stitch rows below (knit to purl, purl to knit)
  • Taking out and ripping out your work
  • Duplicate Stitching
  • Creating missed stitches (yarn over, knit two together, ssk, make one to the right or left)
  • Changing decreases rows below (i.e. ssk to k2tog)
  • Creating a missed buttonhole
  • Re-twisting an incorrect cable rows below
  • Tightening a loose bind-off
  • Cutting your work from the bottom up

OOPS! contains many bonus features as well. As with all LoriKnits DVD's, a CD is included that allows you to print instruction sheets (just like a book), as well as all graphic screens. The CD has lots of extras this time, too, such as patterns from four national designers, hundreds of Lori's favorite tips, and much, much more! We can't tell you all our secrets - you'll just have to check it out for yourself. And while you are, why not pick up a copy for a friend, too?

For video clips and more information about both of our instructional videos click here.

Orders usually ship within two business days.

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