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Lori's Top Ten (well, almost) Tips For The New Year:

  • Get organized!! Start keeping a record of your projects as you finish them. Include a photo, the pattern, any notes you took while working on the pattern, a couple yards of the yarn(s), your knitted gauge, ball tag(s), an extra button (where applicable), and the size you made. Be sure to note how the garment fit, and what your overall impressions were when you finished. Also keep notes of needle sizes, gauge, etc.
  • Resolve to finish projects. Begin by setting an amount of time to work on that one project that you really want to finish, but you don't really want to knit on anymore. Get the worst over with first. If you set a time limit - I usually try 12 hours), then after that 12 hours you allow yourself 12 or more on a project you really like. Rewarding yourself will help you get it done.
  • Make a list of your current projects, then prioritize them. I usually go by least favorite to most favorite - see #2 for how to handle that once you've gotten it done.
  • Have an entire library full of knitting books and magazines? It's time to organize those, too!! I do two things. First, I separate out the books that I'm currently working out of. Then, I organize the remainder according to author, manufacturer (i.e. Rowan, Filatura, etc.), then magazine title.
  • For all those single patterns, place them into protective plastic sleeves. Purchase some binders, and categorize the patterns. For example, make a binder for each of the following categories: Felted Items, Women's Clothing, Men's Clothing, Children's Clothing, & Accessories. You can make whatever categories you want - these are just a starting place.
  • If you're like me, you see something in a magazine, know you eventually want to do it, then can never find it later on. I scan those patterns into a file on my computer. Then when I'm looking for a new project, I go through them, find one I want to do, and print it out. It's not against copyright if you're using it for your own purposes and have purchased the pattern.
  • Books never stay open when you're working on a pattern from them. To avoid that, go to your local print shop and have the books coil bound. You'll never have an issue again! My print shop charges $3-$5, depending on the thickness and whether it's soft cover or hard cover.
  • Don't forget to pick up Beyond Purl for yourself and a friend! It's a great inspirational tool. Try using a new technique with each new project.
  • Have a happy, healthy New Year! To help that, be sure to allow yourself knitting time every day. I require at least 30 minutes before bedtime - it really helps me unwind and get a good night's sleep.